Project Description

Waterline Replacement Program

Fort Bend County MUD 2 – Fort Bend County, Texas

The existing asbestos coated waterlines within the Townewest Sections 1-6 (approximately 95,000 LF) were being repaired at a cost of approximately $100,000 per year. Recognizing the need to replace the failing waterline, the District performed a review of the repair invoices from the past five years. This information was transferred into the District GIS database and used to prioritize the waterline segments in need of replacement.

The repairs were then analyzed on a per street and a per footage basis to determine the waterlines with the highest rate of repair. The waterlines that were surrounded by replacement were also included so the entire area would be completed and future construction would not be warranted in the same area. The waterline replacement project also included updating the existing system to current standards. Furthermore, the line sizes as well as valve and fire hydrant spacing were reviewed.

IDS provided engineering services for this waterline replacement project consisting of approximately 95,000 LF of 4-, 6-, 8-, and 12-inch waterlines. The waterlines were replaced utilizing innovative methods such as trenchless, open-cut, and pre-chlorinated pipe burst construction which minimized impact to the neighborhood and allowed us to work within areas confined by other utilities. Project constraints consisted of construction within right-of-way and easements that crossed existing residential and commercial developments that included existing trees and fences, overhead electrical and buried cable, gas lines, sanitary, and storm utilities.

Additionally, IDS prepared plans and specification, as well as performed inspection for the rehabilitation of 28,628 LF of 8-, 10-, 12-, and 15-inch pipeburst sanitary sewer. Construction methods were chosen based on the backlot/limited access location of much of the sanitary sewer system.