We provide surveying services on a variety of projects throughout Texas. Furthermore, we have proven ourselves as a leader in the application of the latest survey technology with the goal of providing clients with increased quality and accuracy at a reduced cost. IDS has available multiple field crews, each outfitted with Trimble R10 GPS units, TSC3 data collectors, and robotic total stations. IDS was one of the first surveying operations to put the electronic total station and data collector into practical service. We have continued that effort to maintain the latest efficiencies in technology for surveying applications including computer software and today’s most effective tool – The Global Positioning System (GPS). IDS has proven how practical and effective this system of surveying can be in numerous projects to date, not only for establishment of primary horizontal and vertical control networks, but also for topographic data collections, as-built surveys, and construction stake-out. In the hands of an expert user, this system can effectively cut the man-hours normally expended on these types of projects by at least one half or more in the case of utilization of the firm’s mobile, real-time kinematic GPS system. IDS is registered by the Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying to offer and perform surveying services in the State of Texas (Registration No. 10110700). Our surveying services include:

  • Boundary and Land Title Surveys – Our licensed surveyors have experience in providing boundary surveys including ALTA/ACSM land title surveys. This experience, in addition to the combined experience of our field personnel, positions us to deliver accurate land title surveys for commercial transactions in which extended coverage is required and/or where extremely detailed survey information is needed. Our field and office survey personnel have experience in locating property lines and corners of tracts of land. In addition, they have experience locating improvements, easements, building lines, and encroachments found on the subject property which are tasks necessary to provide boundary surveys. Frequently, a more rapid than usual response time is necessitated by our clients. Our land surveying computer software packages allow immediate transfer of field data directly to the technician in the office and office data directly to the field crews. This rapid data transfer equates to less time in the field and faster delivery of results to the client.
  • Topographic Surveys – IDS field and office survey personnel have experience in locating and depicting relevant information that will be represented on a topographic map. A topographic map is used by a variety of interested parties, including land owners, engineers, architects, planners, developers, landscape architects, and governmental agencies for numerous uses. These uses range from land use or development, to flood control.
  • Alignment Studies – We perform alignment surveys for various counties and municipalities throughout Texas. These alignment surveys have served for the planned path of roadways, overhead transmission lines, underground utilities, and additional types of right-of-way that cross a prescribed area of real estate. We utilize modern equipment and best practices to ensure that our clients receive an accurate product in a timely manner.
  • Construction Staking – Construction staking is a crucial step in the building process and will influence a project’s completion time and budget. IDS has extensive knowledge and experience in construction staking regardless of size or complexity of a project. Our experienced field crews and office personnel ensure that projects are accurately laid out for construction. Additionally, we have developed internal processes, procedures, and innovations that maximize productivity while minimizing rework, ultimately saving client’s time and money.