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Since 1970, IDS has provided roadway conceptual planning, preliminary engineering, design, and construction support services on both highway and local roadway systems. In addition, we have experience in the design of water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer systems, which are typically located in public street rights-of-way and are major considerations in the design of new or replacement roadways. For these roadway projects, IDS has coordinated with numerous utility and pipeline companies regarding relocation and adjustments of their facilities. We recognize the critical impacts of construction sequencing and traffic control designs on the successful construction of roadway projects, and regularly meet with contractors to define the most workable and cost-effective plan for construction.

We understand that it is the initial project planning phase that makes the difference in the success of roadway and paving projects. It is in this phase that we can deliver innovative solutions that result in the success of our projects.

IDS's approach to roadway and paving projects involves two major components - problem definition and implementable solutions. While this may seem like the obvious step one and step two, our approach to these stages is different than others. We believe our approach to roadway reconstruction projects provides our clients with optimal solutions to infrastructure problems. 

When we begin, we seek to completely understand the original issue driving the project. We believe there is no need to develop a complex model of existing conditions until we understand the fundamental issues. Although this issue may seem simple, it is important that we thoroughly understand the issue and can translate it into an engineering solution that meets our client’s needs. This fundamental understanding of the problem is critical to the development of engineering solutions that are implementable.