Project Description

Water Storage Tank Refurbishment

Various Locations, Texas

Water storage tanks represent a sizable capital investment. For two decades, IDS has helped municipalities extend the useful life of existing tanks and postpone multi-million-dollar replacement construction by implementing systematic evaluation and rehabilitation programs. We established the City of Houston’s program in the 1990s and are currently monitoring tanks citywide. In addition to assessment and rehabilitation services, we designed a bypass to maintain water service to an isolated community during tank refurbishment in San Antonio.

In Sugar Land, IDS devised a solution to keep storage-tank-mounted antennas operating during tank blasting and painting maintenance. (Like many municipalities, Sugar Land installs its own telemetry antennas and accrues rental income from other antennas installed on their elevated water tanks). We worked with manufacturers to modify antenna mounting structures to accommodate tank shroud cabling and provide sufficient working room under the antenna platform, enabling uninterrupted antenna service.