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Project Description

Verano Parkway and University Way

San Antonio, Texas

Verano is a mixed-use development envisioned to re-energize San Antonio’s south side. As part of the master plan team, IDS conceived a comprehensive infrastructure system for a community with projected $2 billion tax base potential. Conceptual engineering of the roadway network incorporated context-sensitive road design, resulting in 16 different street cross-sections for configurations of vehicles, on-street parking, buses, bicycles, and pedestrians. These two major roadways were included in the $25 million of phase one infrastructure construction that IDS designed to support the Texas A&M University San Antonio start-up campus.

Verano Parkway is a 1.25-mile, eight-lane, multi-way boulevard that provides through-traffic and mass transit lanes in the middle with local access lanes on the outside. University Way is a one-mile, four-lane thoroughfare integrating pedestrian and bicyclist traffic with vehicles. Both streets incorporate gas mains, telecommunications ducts, and major electrical duct banks with other underground utilities.