Project Description

Patrick’s Bayou Detention Basin

City of Deer Park – Deer Park, Texas

IDS provided engineering services for a detention basin facility for this large excavation project for the City of Deer Park. The project area is located south of SH 225, west of East Boulevard, and east of Deer Park Gardens Section Two. Project work included the design of a detention basin with a storage volume of 258 acre-feet, in-line weir, side weir, and outfall pipe. The hydrologic/hydraulic impacts to the floodplain (mitigation) for the design were the basis for the size and configuration of the basin and weir. Additionally the project required changing the vertical and horizontal alignment of a City 10-inch sanitary force man to accommodate the construction of the basins weir. Approximately 600 linear feet of 10-inch C900 PVC force main, encased in 24-inch steel pipe, was installed utilizing restrained joint pipe at the changes in alignment from the existing force main.