Public Works

Through our public works practice, we provide a complete portfolio of professional engineering services ranging from preliminary planning and design through construction management. IDS has experience in providing engineering analyses and design including water distribution and storage, wastewater collection and treatment, surface transportation systems (both vehicular and pedestrian), flood control and drainage systems, parks and trails, detailed hydrologic and hydraulic studies and surveying. Additionally, IDS is qualified under the General Land Office (GLO) program to provide services to public clients under the Federal Economic Stimulus Program. We also have significant experience in working with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), Texas Water Development Board (TWDB), and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) on projects for cities and utility districts in Texas that utilize state-sponsored funding. Furthermore, we have planned and designed projects for specialty agencies such as local Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ), economic development groups, and various management districts. Our public works services include:

  • Roadway and Paving – We provide roadway conceptual planning, preliminary engineering, design, and construction support services for both highway and local roadway systems. In addition, we have experience in the design of water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer systems, which are typically located in public street right-of-way and are major considerations in the design of new or replacement roadways. Typically, IDS coordinates with numerous utility and pipeline companies regarding relocation and adjustments of their facilities. We recognize the critical impacts of construction sequencing and traffic control designs on the successful construction of roadway projects, and regularly meet with contractors to define the most workable and cost-effective plan for construction.
  • Water Supply and Distribution Systems – IDS plans, designs, and implements water supply, distribution lines, and storage tank facilities for municipalities, counties, utility districts, land developers, and regional agencies and institutions. We have provided engineering services for more than 50 miles of urban and cross country waterlines (ranging in size from 6-inches to 66-inches in diameter) and more than 300 ground storage and elevated tanks (ranging in size from 25,000 gallons to 12.5 million gallons). Through this experience, we understand the critical challenges associated with designing and constructing utilities serving the built environment.
  • Wastewater Collection and Treatment Systems – Our extensive experience in planning, designing, and managing the construction of wastewater collection, pumping, and treatment systems places us in a premier position to traverse the regulatory framework and advocate on the owner’s behalf. We have designed collection systems and treatment facilities for public and private clients in a heavily urbanized environment as well as cross country. Therefore, we are familiar with the specific phases of work that must be accomplished to maximize a project’s benefit and manage to a coordinated and predictable outcome.
  • Drainage and Flood Control – IDS provides engineering services for drainage and flood control projects for various public and private clients. We have excellent working relationships and knowledge of drainage criteria used by local entities across the state of Texas. IDS has performed innovative, ground-breaking studies and pioneered new concepts in and around Harris County. Specifically, IDS performed the first study to define regional stormwater detention systems as a solution to Harris County’s flooding problems. Utilizing the latest software and techniques, we can determine the existing and developed drainage conditions, and evaluate the alternatives for stormwater discharge consistent with local drainage regulations, including requirements for stormwater treatment and detention. IDS can also delineate the existing floodplain and determine the alternatives for modifying the existing floodplain and documenting such changes through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) process.
  • Parks, Trails, and Open Spaces – IDS offers specialized planning and impact analyses in order to blend educational and recreational values into park facilities that serve communities as well as the environment. Through our community participation efforts, we have learned the critical factors of the open space framework that shapes future growth and enhances the owner’s identity while preserving key natural assets. Our experience includes designs for regional parks, joint-use facilities, amateur sports parks, intramural athletic fields, water gardens and splash pads, playground and pavilion facilities, skate parks, and hike and bike trails.