Royal Oaks

Houston, Texas

For this development on the former Andrau Airpark property, IDS incorporated community-wide detention into the golf course, an original concept that has since been replicated in golf course communities throughout Texas. This innovative solution yielded more income-producing lots and offset golf course costs with a drainage cost reimbursement from the municipal utility district (MUD). The 1.5 million cubic yards of dirt excavated to build the course and detention systems were used to elevate lots, providing expanded vistas that increased lot value.

Cleverly serving double-duty as water features, Royal Oaks’ detention basins are scattered throughout the course. We performed extensive hydraulic work to design several lakes linking the basins and concealed outfall pipes below lake surfaces. A big cost benefit of the multi-component system – the largest outfall pipe is 42 inches in diameter, delivering substantial cost savings over 6-foot by 6-foot boxes required for traditional large detention systems.